Pera Coffee. The art of roasting.

18000 kg of coffee per day are not that much. 50 employees, also, are not that much. But these small numbers are what make Pera Coffee big. Because anyone who works in the company is Pera coffee, with passion and pride. And because everything is done in the name of quality: from the selection of the best raw material, to production of the various blends. All the way through the roasting process, where there is the whole story of Pera, started with the first wood-fired roasters, a real ritual that required a high mastery. We are in 1953. Benito Pera invests all his savings in the “Industria del caffè Pera Benito (Pera Benito coffee industry)”. From the port of Genoa, the coffee comes to roasting in Alessandria. Above the roasting workshop there is the house, it’s a life only for one’s family and one’s work; in the company the whole family is involved, with young children playing between jute bags and carrying out small tasks to help the adults. The memories of green coffee still remain, huge bags unloaded from the truck, with exotic names: Santos, Java, Angola Ambriz AA, the strong aroma that permeated the clothes. The history of Pera coffee is the story of a passion inscribed into the DNA of a family and transmitted to all employees. It is a unique mixture of soul and knowledge that makes a difference in the product and marks the stages of a process of innovation.

  • 1967, new industrial establishment;
  • 1981, Pera Coffee becomes a joint stock company;
  • 1983, new manufacturing process to reduce pollutants;
  • 1987 storage silos EXPANSION;
  • 2001 processing and reuse of waste materials of green coffee plant. Between the years 80s and 90s large acquisitions that give new life to important traditions of Italian coffee: Kenya, Sorano, Dvisal, Nello, Varmont, Bonaventura and, lastly, the historic PIACENTINO coffee, born in 1916 in times of heroic undertaking, and that in 1963 invented in advance the ground coffee packaged under vacuum.
  • 2003, Arnaldo Pera becomes President of the company;
  • 2011, the third generation of the family joins the company, with Alessandro in the role of Managing Director and with the task of developing foreign markets.
  • 2016, TORREFATTORI ASSOCIATI SPA was founded, a new company that owns the Pera, Caffè Boasi and Rostkafè labels.

Today Pera Coffee makes known and exports the aroma and culture of Italian coffee in different countries of the world. We design and produce blends for all sectors: from coffee beans, to capsules, to traditional. Many things have changed, but the soul of the company has not moved a millimetre: it is still in roasting. And even today, as yesterday, to know coffee you must feel coffee, and a Pera is not a Pera if he doesn’t come home with clothes full of aroma.